With our easy-to-use premixes, get the quality and consistency you want in your bakery product. Use our complete range of gold standard premixes to get world-class Chocolate Lava Cake, indulgent eggless cakes, muffins, cookies, and more.

  • Chocolate muffin
  • Premium Vanilla Muffin
  • Vanilla Muffin and Bar cake
  • Eggless Vanilla muffin
  • Eggless chocolate muffin
  • Low Fat muffin premix: Guaranteed less than 5g fat per muffin
  • Savoury muffin base
  • Corn muffin
  • Multigrain muffin
  • Customised recipes available


Our muffin mixes provide for a premium vanilla and chocolate muffin mix as the starting point for all the variety you want to create as well as specialised international mixes to bake oat, corn and savoury muffins

Eggless Bakery Range

Eggless Bakery Range

Rich, stable, and easy to use premixes designed for the Indian market. 100% vegetarian giving you a consistent product every time.

  • Eggless chocolate muffin
  • Eggless vanilla muffin
  • Eggless premium vanilla and chocolate cake
  • Eggless American style fudgy brownie
  • Eggless chocolate lava cake
  • Eggless master cake
  • Eggless oatmeal cookie
  • Eggless chocolate chip cookie
  • Eggless double chocolate
  • Eggless plum cake
  • Eggless masala tea cake
  • Eggless waffle and pancake
  • Double chocolate cookie
  • Vanilla cookie
  • Oatmeal cookie
  • American style chewy cookie: Chocolate
  • American style chewy cookie: Vanilla
  • Eggless vanilla cookie
  • Eggless chocolate cookie
  • Eggless oatmeal cookie


Our cookie mixes are available in popular flavours in both eggless and regular varieties offering great taste and a classic chewy texture.

  • Rich chocolate layer cake concentrate
  • Rich pound cake
  • Rich festive chocolate cake
  • Vanilla festive cake
  • Chocolate lava cake
  • Eggless premium vanilla cake
  • premium chocolate cake
  • Eggless master cake
  • Eggless plum cake
  • Eggless tea masala cake
  • Eggless chocolate Lava cake
  • Cup cake


Our standardised cake mixes are easy-to-use, tolerant mixes that provide a consistent flavour and moist texture with excellent syrup holding capacity.

  • Eggless American style fudgy
  • Eggless cakey brownie
  • Rich chewy brownie
  • Dark fudgy brownie
  • Rich chocolate brownie


Simple yet delicious, fudgy, cakey or in between, we have a brownie mix to satisfy every need.

  • Eggless master cake
  • Eggless master dough
  • All purpose master cake
  • Customised recipes available on demand

Master Bases

Versatile multipurpose bases that reduce inventory of multiple SKUs and can be used to produce a variety of cakes such as masala tea cake, plum cake, banana walnut and more.

  • Eggless pancake and Belgium waffle
  • Eggless savoury waffle
  • Eggless caramel pancake waffle
  • Eggless French toast batter
  • Eggless Waffle cone
  • Buttermilk pancake and Belgium waffle
  • Waffle cone
  • Customisation available on request

Pancake and Waffle

Our pancake and waffle mixes, are designed to be easy-to-use to create signature pancakes by adding your own blueberries, apples, chocolate chips, pecans or other ingredients.

  • Eggless Master dough
  • Pizza Dough
  • Chapati conditioner
  • Bun
  • Potato Bun
  • Customised blends available on request

Dough Blends

Our dough blends, designed as concentrates to be added to flour, give you the stability and performance you want with the flexibility to customise as per your requirements.

Eggless Chocolate Lava Cake Premix

Eggless Chocolate Lava Cake Premix

Classic chocolate fondant cake but made eggless for the market First company to develop and launch the product for the country Run Away success and still amongst our best sellers Lots of copy cats since then, but original still the best!