Innovative and bold blends of herbs, spices, and functional ingredients are designed to provide functionality, appearance, and flavour to your products. All products can be completely customised to target profiles to meet your specific criteria.

  • Indian tandoori
  • Honey tamarind
  • Harissa
  • Tex mex
  • Garden mint
  • Chipotle
  • Italian herb
  • Extra spicy kerala
  • Smoked chilli
  • American honey mustard
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Mayonnaise, Dips and Salsas

Our seasonings added at only 4-5% can provide exciting new flavour combinations for all your sandwich and appetizer offerings.

Indian Seasonings

Indian Seasonings

Spend less time and effort on preparing authentic tikkas and curries. Standardise your recipes, cut costs, and get the gold standard taste using our tikka, curry, and rice seasonings.

  • Tandoori tikka
  • Malai tikka
  • Punjabi
  • Hariyal
  • Afghani
  • Dum biryani rice
  • Pulao rice
  • Hyderabadi biryani
  • Malabari biryani
  • Makhani curry
  • Handi
  • Andhra curry
  • Vindaloo curry
  • Rogan josh curry
  • Rajasthani (Lal Maas type)
  • Tava curry
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  • Indian tandoori
  • Tex mex
  • Paneer masala
  • African piri piri
  • Brazilian
  • African Harissa
  • Arabic Shawarma
  • Extra Spicy Kerala
  • Malay Sambhal
  • Smoked Chilli
  • Contact us for customisation and ideation

Pizza Toppings and Patty Seasonings

We understand what it takes to make the pizza pop and the burger sing. We specialise in bold and daring seasonings that can be used to flavour meats, formed products, cheese, burger patties, nuggets, fingers, and vegetable bases.

  • Manchurian noodle
  • Schezwan snack
  • Hakka noodle
  • Indian snack masala
  • Green chutney snack
  • Masala chaska snack
  • Spicy cajun snack
  • Tomato pepper snack
  • Salt and vinegar snack
  • Cream and onion snack
  • Blackened Creole Snack
  • Contact us for customisation

Snack and Noodle Seasonings

Create a melange of flavours by using our creative seasonings as a slurry system or simply as dust or coatings on nuts, fries, chips, tortilla chips, and noodles.

  • Tomato coriander shorba
  • Basic cream soup
  • Manchow soup
  • Hot and sour soup
  • Special onion and garlic free soups for the Jain community
  • White sauce
  • Arrabbiata sauce
  • Bolognese sauce
  • WoodFire grill sauce
  • Contact us for complete listing and customisation

Pasta Sauce and Soup Seasonings

Our dry mixes provide consistent soups and sauces, are chiller and freeze thaw stable, and clean label with no artificial colours, flavours and preservatives providing you the confidence to serve only the best to your customers.

  • Chipotle BBQ sauce
  • Ghost chilli sauce
  • Orange ancho sauce
  • Chilli garlic glaze
  • Honey mustard glaze
  • Sweet onion habanero glaze
  • Piri piri glaze
  • Sashimi sauce
  • Coriander wasabi sauce
  • Demi-glace
  • Contact us for complete listing and your requirements

Sauces and Glazes

From classic mother sauces such as white sauce to tomato sauce and demi-glace to innovative options such as sriracha lime, Piri Piri glaze, Chipotle Barbeque, and Ghost chilli sauce, we have a very extensive range of premixes available that are easy to use and store, and process friendly.

  • Multigrain
  • Oregano
  • Italian flat bread
  • Butter garlic
  • Cheese and herb
  • Roast chipotle
  • Garlic bread
  • Spicy peri peri
  • Honey and herb
  • Contact us for entire range and customisation

Sprinklers and Toppings

Add flavour to your breads, sprinkle zest to your salads and get an explosion of flavour from your fried entrées with our varied sprinkles.

  • Punjabi
  • Handi
  • Spicy Bolognese
  • Smoky Alfredo
  • Contact us for demonstration and customised flavours

Cook In Bag systems

We were the first to launch this unique system in India. It's designed to cook the meat and use the juices to form the sauce, all in one complete delicious system. Just add seasoning, water and meat, seal in a bag and cook in an oven to get juicy flavourful meat!