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Baking is fun! It’s one of the most relaxing and rewarding cooking methods that you can use to prepare food and the result is always delicious. However, some people can be intimidated by baking as it is an exact science and even small mistakes can ruin the output. If you are interested in baking and have an oven, you can now bake like an expert chef with the help of pre-made bake mixes by professional food product suppliers like Midas Foods.

The most crucial step in baking is preparing the mix. The mix should have the right amount of yeast so that it can rise to perfection and give you that airy, flaky, melt-in-the-mouth texture that makes baked goods so loved and desired. With the help of pre-made mixes, you can now make cookies, cakes, pastries, puffs and savories like a professional bakery.


What is Baking?

Baking is the art of cooking food using dry heat, usually from an oven. The heat is transferred from the crust to the center of the dish and as it travels, it transforms the dough into cooked food that is tasty and delicious. The most commonly baked food is bread, which is consumed in every culture since ancient times in various forms but baking can also help you create a myriad of other products.

In baking, the flame doesn’t touch the surface of the food directly and hence, it is considered to be healthier than other forms of cooking. It is also a slower process and one that requires the right amount of moisture, yeast, heat and sugar so that the dish comes out exactly the way you want it. Due to the heat, a firm crust develops on the outside of the products, which is characteristic of this style of cooking food.

Baking is also considered healthier as it doesn’t use a lot of fat. Since the food item is simply placed in the oven, it does not need to be mixed with oils to cook and this gives it a cleaner, drier and subtler flavor. For weight watchers and healthy eaters, this is a big advantage over other forms of cooking such as frying or sautéing.

Baking is also considered to be high culinary art as it requires more time, preparation and care than other forms of cooking. This is why baked goods are usually served at upscale events like high teas and formal parties. Baked goods are also firmer and can be decorated using many different types of toppings and frostings. Given all these advantages, baking is an art that every good cook should know and every good kitchen should be quipped with.

How to Start Baking?

The most important equipment that you need when baking is a good oven. A traditional convection-oven that has a knob to adjust heat and another knob to adjust baking time is ideal for your purpose. While you can also bake using other kinds of devices like clay ovens, Dutch ovens, country ovens etc., a commercially available baking oven for domestic use will best aid your efforts.

The process begins by making the dough. This typically uses a form of processed grain or starch to which different sugars, salts, flavors, preservatives and baking aids are added. This is a crucial step as putting too much sugar will make the item spread out while too much moisture might lead it to be undercooked.

Instead of struggling with the right proportions of a large number of ingredients, chefs can now purchase pre-made mixes, which have the right amount of yeast and other ingredients for the perfect bake. Once you begin to bake complex items using pre-mixes successfully, you can then try making your own mix from scratch and experiment with homemade recipes.

Where to get Baking Mixes?

Some of the best pre-made bake mixes available in the market are the ones made by Midas Foods. With a state-of-the-art research facility in the USA and a tradition of making perfect food items, this is the best brand to use for your baking needs. Midas Foods already supplies their mixes and other products to a number of well-known restaurant brands all over the world and their products are fully tried and tested.

Midas Foods provides cookie premixes, chocolate cake premixes, pastry pre-mixes and more so that you can try different products for different occasions and audiences. The premixes already have the right amount of yeast and contain cooking information that tells you how to cook it and what temperature and time to use.

To start your Baking Journey, simply start by ordering some of these premixes today and begin experimenting. Remember, Baking can be hard so don’t get discouraged if your baked goods do not turn out to be perfect on the first go. A little practice with trial-and-error will ensure that very soon, you will be making baked goods that are the envy of your peers and a culinary delight for your friends, family and customers.

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