Our Services

Gold Standard Recipes

Our technical excellence promises total customer satisfaction.

In a commercial food product, there are several factors to be considered to make it worth manufacturing on a larger scale. All this has to be done while keeping the flavour profiles intact. At Midas Foods, we deliver this taste experience throughout a product’s line production. Our versatile team of food technologists and chefs create the perfect blend of taste and ingredient stability at any stage of commercial production—be it mixing, processing, packaging or storage.

Product Design

Combining art and science of food to create unique products.

Any product be it from the food industry or any other sector come to fruition after a lot of hard work. We marry the art and science of foodmaking together to create a product that is memorable for its taste and in demand for its ability to go through a commercial production cycle. Midas Foods promises and delivers food items that are not only of the topnotch quality, but also takes minimum to no effort from our customers to be produced.

Food Solutions

Constantly transforming ideas into food to satisfy all taste buds.

Transformation in food processing is the need of the day with sustainability, hygienic practices and quality being intrinsic to it. As manufacturers, we have always been at par with the course to be relevant. At Midas, we provide our technical expertise to help our partners achieve their idea of a quality assured product. Our long-standing partnerships are proof of our dedication to continually delivering quality standard products.

Research & Development

Our continual innovation with food makes us trendsetters.

With a team of highly qualified food technologists, food scientists, researchers and chefs, Midas works tirelessly to make a food item more attractive. It begins from augmenting a food item's sensory properties. Our in-house R&D team works specifically to improve food safety and add convenience for our clients and partners. Our team has been built keeping in mind the ultimate customer sastifaction with our specialist knowledge base.