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We all know that drinking plenty of fluids and staying hydrated is extremely important for our health and well-being. Doctors recommend drinking at least 8 glasses of water a day because our bodies run on water and lack of proper hydration can lead to a number of health problems. It can also leave you feeling irritable, hoarse and unable to talk. If you don’t like drinking plain water, there is a simple trick that will keep you hydrated and also make you a great host.

As seasoned homemakers and party planners know, the secret to making sure that everybody is properly hydrated and having a good time is using Premade Mixes for Drinks. You can add these specially made powdered dry mixes to any glass of water and viola! It instantly transforms into a number of delicious beverages that always look amazing and taste just right. Managing, storing and using these premade mixes is very easy and can transform any kitchen into a Pandora’s box of refreshing flavors.

What kind of Mixed Drinks can you make?

You can get buy any number of great mixes for beverages such as lemonade mix, sherbet mix, mocktail mixes, fruit juice mixes, margarita mixes, ice tea mix, cold coffee mix, chocolate milk mix, mixes for shakes, thandai, digestives, aperitifs’ and all kinds of cocktails. You don’t need a bartender or advanced knowledge to make amazing beverages that will impress your guests and infuse flavor into your life.

How to make Mixed Drinks?

All you have to do to make heavenly beverages at home is add a few spoonfulls of dry mix into a glass of hot or cold water and give it a good mix. No measuring or cooking is required and its so simple that anyone can do it. Not only is this process fast and easy, it will also give you the perfect flavor every time.

For example, the traditional way to welcome guests in India during the summers is the simple nimbu-pani or lemonade. However, making even this simplest of beverages can be hard as one can easily go wrong by using a slightly incorrect amount of lemon juice, sugar and salt. Even when you get it right, the resulting flavor is flat, boring and “homely.”

Instead, simply scoop a few spoons of a Pre Made Lemonade Mix into a glass of cold water, give it a few stirs and viola! The resulting concoction will be flavored to perfection using all kinds of different masalas, flavors and spices giving your guest a mouthful of the best nimbu-pani they have experienced.

You can also get different types of lemonade mixes like sweet, sour, sweet and sour, masala, jain shikanji, gingerade etc. to give your guests a wider selection and more options. You can get any number of mixes and you can also get different types of bases like soda, milk, juices and alcoholic beverages to further increase your range and repertoire.

Where to get Mixes for Beverages?

One of the best and most experienced companies that makes Dry Mixes for Beverages is Midas Foods. This company supplies Dry Mixes, Masalas and Flavorings to some of the best restaurants and professional cooks and also offers a complete range of cooking aids and food products.

Midas Foods also has a comprehensive research and development center that develops new and advanced ways to add pitch perfect tastes and flavors to your culinary creations. Using the latest cutting-edge technologies and a variety of scientific and subjective tests, they have created an enviable menu of authentic food products and flavorings that are critically acclaimed and widely accepted as the gold standard.

You can buy Midas Food products for your food business or your home by contacting the company directly. Their many fine products will be a game changing addition to your kitchen and will help you turn your beverages and multi-cuisine dishes into masterpieces admired by all. When you use Midas Food Products correctly, one glance is enough confirm that you have hit the right spot and your guest is truly enjoying your creation.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q 1.What are the top 5 mixed drinks?

Ans. The most popular mixed drinks are lemonade, tea, coffee, chocolate shake and thandai.

Q 2. What are some good mix drinks?

Ans. Some of the best mixed drinks are Virgin Mojitos, Virgin Marys, Virgin Margaritas and Virgin Screwdrivers.

Q 3.What is the meaning of mixed beverages?

Ans. Mixed beverages usually refer to beverages that have been made using 2 or more ingredients such as premade powders or beverages used to make cocktails and alcoholic drinks.

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