Food Quality Policy

Dry Blend Foods Pvt. Ltd (DBL) is committed to fulfill our vision to become the industry’s trusted partner and go-to organization for product solutions that uphold the highest standards of Food Safety, Quality, and unparalleled Customer Service, through the development and implementation of global quality and food safety systems, standards, and practices. 

We believe that the responsibility for achieving our quality and food safety commitments lies with every single Dry Blend Food’s employee and to Fulfill this responsibility, the management of DBL makes the following commitments:

  • To manufacture and supply safe and high-quality food products, in accordance to their intended use, that conform to all regulatory and statutory requirements applicable as per country of use.
  • To satisfy customer specific requirements by fulfilling mutually agreed customer food safety and quality requirements as well as their specific company values and vision in respect of the same.
  • To ensure that the management and entire staff are fully aligned and involved to plan, implement, operate, maintain and update international quality and food safety standards based on a comprehensive risk based methodology of external and internal issues, aligned with the context in which we operate and that are defined in FSSC-22000-a Food safety conformity system which is a Global scheme-GFSI (Global Food Safety Initiative)- and additional customer food safety, quality, and audit requirements wherever applicable.
  • To set annual measurable quality and food safety objectives, that are cross functional and encompassing, to ensure continuous improvement and compliance with all required and applicable standards.
  • To provide all needed resources (human, financial, training, infrastructure and other) required towards implementing this Food Safety Management System and any customer requirement, across all departments and communicating this to all interested parties.
  • To ensure effective communication and understanding, between all interested parties, both external and internal, of the requirements and expectations to maintain DBL’s food safety and quality Policy and standards.
  • To build a successful and sustainable food safety and quality culture within the organization and all esteemed partners within our food chain through structured programs and training modules that develop employees’ competencies and technical skills, increase awareness, manage risk and drive increasing levels of excellence across the organization. This is inclusive of recognition and acknowledgement of positive behavior and leadership qualities that lead to consistent food safety and food quality across all departments.
  • To promote Food Defense to prevent acts that damage products, processes, and reputation of DBL and its customers.
  • Conduct risk-based assessments and action plans as required to prevent Food Fraud across the supply chain and entire processes that could damage Quality and Food Safety.
  • To prevent occupational accidents and diseases. The staff is the most important asset of DBL, so we are committed to the prevention of occupational injuries and diseases and to promoting the participation of all to achieve a healthy, safe, and comfortable work environment.
  • To Protect the environment by sustainable use of the natural resources, by the prevention of contamination and by the efficient recycling system of the resources and waste.
  • Validate the effectiveness of the quality and food safety management systems through internal and external audit processes.
  • To foster continuous improvement of our food safety and quality management systems and the company’s food safety and quality culture through the review and analysis of data collected throughout our processes and regular management review meetings.
  • To continually assess, review and update the food safety and quality policies, standards, procedures, and objectives to ensure continued suitability and continuous improvement, by effectively managing any new emerging risks associated with changes in legislation, processes, products, knowledge, and technologies.

We aim to strive for excellence by applying our continuous improvement approach to deliver competitive advantage, highest standard of food quality, safe food, and total satisfaction to our global customers.


Food Safety Team Leader

V.P Technical (MR)