Lemonade Mixes Supplier in India

Nothing is as refreshing and welcoming as a glass of ice-cold lemonade. In India, it is customary to drink a lot of lemonade to keep oneself hydrated in the hot weather and the beverage is often served to welcome guests. However, it is rare to find the perfect glass of lemonade as something or other invariably goes wrong. Now, you can make different types of lemonades and the get the flavor just right every time with the help of pre-made mixes available in the market.

If you try to make lemonade from scratch, chances are that you will end up spending a lot of time over it and still come up with a simple version of this beverage, which is lacking in something or other. It’s hard to be consistent because lemons themselves are different each time and several tastings and adjustments are required to get the taste right. Premade mixes on the other hand are developed with extensive testing to ensure that you always get the same great taste every time.

How to use pre-made mixes

Earlier, only big restaurants and international chains had access to pre-made mixes. This is because the large food companies that manufactured these specialized products only marketed them to big companies. Nowadays, even small kitchens and households can purchase professionally made, commercial grade mixes to make their dishes and beverages taste just like the restaurants.

To use mixes, all you have to do is find the right food company and then order all the food products you need for your culinary adventures directly from them. With the right mix, making even complicated dishes and beverages becomes easy and hassle free. For lemonades, there are different types of mixes that you can buy. You can get pink lemonade, masala lemonade and other varieties that can be hard to make at home.

Lemonade Mix

Making masala lemonade is especially hard because it requires many different masalas and ingredients in the right proportion. Adding each ingredient separately can be time consuming and tedious. Instead, use pre-made mixes, which have all the different inputs in the exact right quantity and has been fully tested to ensure a great final product. All you have to do is add water and stir up the perfect glass.

Pink lemonade is also difficult to make as it is especially hard to get the color right. Often times, the taste will be good but the color and consistency of the beverage makes it unappealing. For complicated and niche items like this, pre-mixes are the perfect solution. Not only do they ensure that the taste is right, they also make sure that the appearance, nutrition and safety is flawless.

Where to buy lemonade mixes

One of the biggest and most popular food companies in the world is called Midas Foods. This is a multinational company that specializes in making mixes and concentrates for the hospitality industry. If you have ever eaten at some of the most popular restaurants or chains, chances are that the flavor was created from a Midas Foods product.

With decades of experience, a perfect tract record and impressive facilities all over the world, Midas Foods is the best food company for all your culinary requirements. Recently, the company has also opened a facility in India to source some of the world’s best spices directly from the source before shipping them to the U.S. for processing and mixing.

Now, households and smaller kitchens can purchase the entire range of Midas Food products that include beverages, desserts, Asian delicacies, Indian dishes and exotic flavors. The company has created attractive packaging in family-sizes for added convenience for consumers. Most of the mixes offered by the company are easy to store and last for a long time.

You can start your culinary journey with some basic beverage mixes. These are very simple to use, as all you have to do is add water or soda and serve. Besides lemonades, Midas Foods also offers some great tea mixes and other drinks that can be consumed by themselves or used in cocktails and mocktails. All the products have clearly printed instructions and recipes on the packaging for quick reference. Enjoy!

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