Seasoning Mixes: Elevate Your Cooking with the Power of Spices

Without seasoning, life would be dull and bland. Seasoning means adding herbs, spices, salts and other ingredients to enhance and supplement the natural flavor of the food and make it more palatable and fit for consumption. It is seasoning that makes our food tastes the way it does and forms the foundation of culinary science. Lets take a look at the importance of seasoning and what you do to ensure that your food is always seasoned to perfection.

Why is seasoning so important

Adding seasoning to your food is very important because it serves several different but important purposes. Besides its taste enhancement, it also provides some added benefits that are impossible to avoid or overlook. Lets take a closer look at why seasonings are so important and how they make our dishes complete:

  1. Preserving: Seasonings like salt and pepper help preserve food and ensure that it doesn’t get spoiled. It also keeps the food contiguous and structurally intact while preventing it from decaying prematurely. This was undeniably the initial reason why seasoning and spices became a popular addition to food products.
  2. Presentation: Seasonings are usually added after the food is prepared and are sprinkled on in a way that makes the food more appetizing to look at. Some seasonings add color or texture to food while others simply make it look appealing. The visually pleasing aspect of food is often downplayed but plays an important role in determining what foods we eat and our overall experience of consuming them.
  3. Taste: Besides adding completely new tastes and flavors to food, seasonings can also bring out, highlight, accentuate or moderate the original tate of food products and complement certain palates. Seasonings such as nutmeg, ginger, cinnamon, cloves and parsley enhance natural flavors while adding something new and fresh to the mix. Thus, seasoned food tastes far better.
  4. Aroma: Our olfactory senses or sense of smell plays an important part in our culinary experiences. The tastes and aromas of what we eat help prepare our palates and tells us exactly what to expect. If an item does not smell good, we may decide not to ingest it or we may taste it but remain prejudiced against it from the start. This is why different seasonings are added to enhance the smell of food and make the experience that much more pleasurable.
  5. Health Benefits :Many ingredients that are used to season food also have important nutritional value that enhances our health by providing vital vitamins and proteins. For example, Paprika is a great source of Vitamin A. Many herbs, roots, barks and seeds have medicinal properties that keeps diseases such as Alzheimer’s, skin diseases, heart disease etc. in check by providing antioxidants and anti inflammatory substances and compounds. Thus well-seasoned food is far healthier than bland food.

Why is seasoning so difficult

While you can buy salt, pepper and other seasonings on the market easily, using them effectively can be challenging. Most people who don’t cook regularly will not know how much salt to add, let alone how to add a combination of different seasonings to their food. This is why it is a good idea to buy seasoning mixes that are professionally prepared and blended to perfection. They come in easy to store containers so that they can be easily added to your favorite dish.

Growing, storing, blending and creating your own seasoning mixes can be time consuming, arduous and difficult to perfect. Since even simple dishes may require upwards of 10 different seasonings that need to be added in a specific way, it is better to simply buy a readymade and taste-tested blend that comes with easy instructions. For example, a readymade pasta mix has everything you need to make tasty pasta, which has the right taste and feel to it.

Why use Seasoning Mixes

The best way to ensure that your food is well-seasoned and correctly seasoned is to use professional mixes that are now becoming available in the market for everyone. One good company that makes a wide variety of seasoning mixes is an American company called Midas Foods that has recently opened up a branch in India.

Midas Foods produces some spectacular food products that are developed at its state of the art facility in the United States. The company then sources all the best raw materials and ingredients from all over the world and uses them to manufacture some amazing pre-mixes that can make anyone’s dishes taste like restaurant grade delicacies.

Many of the most famous chain restaurants, food companies and hotels use Midas Food’s Products to achieve that pitch perfect taste and appearance. Now you too can purchase these technologically advanced products for your kitchen, food service, restaurant or small business to play the game like the pros. All you have to do is peruse the company’s extensive menu and order the products you need. Besides seasonings, they have a lot more to offer that will revolutionize how you prepare food.






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