Tea Mixes Supplier in India

Tea is perhaps the most popular beverage in India. Thanks to the British Raj, we Indians love our tea in hot or cold form. The quality and variety of tea found in the Indian market is second to none and many Indians prefer to start their day with a hot cup every morning. If you have guests come over to your house, tea is perhaps the most commonly acceptable beverage of preference.

Making tea, however, can be cumbersome and messy. If you don’t get it right, the resulting beverage can be hard to consume, especially for tea aficionados. The best way to serve guests, especially if you have frequent visitors, is to use ready made tea mixes that can provide a quick solution to the problem, leaving you free to interact with your guests and look after other arrangements.


Professional tea mixes have just the right ingredients to make an appetizing and delicious beverage that is appealing to all kinds of taste buds. All you have to do is add water to a premade pre-mix and then give it a good swirl. At the flick of a wrist, you have pitch perfect hot or iced tea in any quantity that you want. When your guests taste your tea, they will be serenaded by a host of flavors and the compliments will come gushing forth almost immediately.

How to use Tea Mixes

Premade mixes are one of the best aids that a host or hostess can have in their arsenal to ensure a smooth and well run Kitchen. Pre-mixes are made by food companies who do a lot of research into tastes and flavors. They also understand people’s life styles and know what is required to run a kitchen. Using the latest technology and the best ingredients, they create easy and convenient solutions to wow palates and satisfy bellies in a jiffy.

There are a number of great Tea Mixes that you can buy in the market for the next time you have guests or have to cater to a big crowd. A well-made sweet beverage goes a long way in cleansing the palate and making the ambience conducive to an en enjoyable meal that everyone can savor and remember. With the help of Tea Mixes, you will be dabbling in exotic flavors and specialized recipes that will be a world apart from anything your guests have ever tasted.


Tea Mixes are easy to buy and store and typically cost only a little more than premium tealeaves or teabags. They can be made in the standard way or you can experiment with different mixes until you get the flavor that you want. They are also incredibly quick and come in handy when you have unexpected guests or a larger than usual dinner crowd.

Besides tea mixes, you can also get a number of other pre-mixes for beverages such as lemonades, cocktails, shakes, coffee based drinks and more. In fact, for every soup, appetizer, main course, desert and beverage, there is a premix out there than can take away the stress of cooking and allow you to enjoy yourself at your own gathering or party while you leave the flavoring to the professionals.

Where to get Pre-Mixes

One of the best companies in the world that makes pre-mixes for commercial and home kitchens is called Midas Foods. They are an U.S. Based company that supplies food products and flavorings to most of the major restaurant chains, cafes and gourmet fine dining establishments in the global food market. Using cutting edge technology and extensive taste testing, they have created some very successful products that are now considered industry gold standards.

If you are a home or commercial kitchen looking to upgrade your food quality while decreasing the hassle of running a kitchen, take a look at Midas Food’s extensive menu of items. From hard to master cakes and pastries to exotic Korean curries and from easy rising cookie dough to scrumptious beverages, you can satisfy all your pre-mix needs from one trusted brand. All their products are well packaged for long shelf life and come with clear and detailed instructions on how to make your masterpiece whenever you want.

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